The Corps are always recruiting new Cadets!

If you have a daughter or son aged between 6Β½ and 18 years old then we have activities that would suit, and challenge them. There are many things we do, and every week will be something different to the week before.

During the Summer months we carry out a lot of outdoor training, whilst in the winter months, most of the training is carried out indoors, in the warm and dry surroundings of Caird Hall.

What we do

The following list gives an idea of what Cadets typically get up to, but in no way encompasses everything the Corps offers:

Map & compass, orienteering, weapons drill, shooting, camo & concealment, drill practice, assault courses, fitness programmes, survival skills training, first aid, radio usage, experiencing military service vehicles and aircraft, camping, learning band instruments, etc.

Our overall objective, unaltered for over a 100 years of the Corps existence, is to make sure we offer a safe and comfortable environment throughout for our Cadets to learn, develop and master new, interesting and many transferable skills, and to instil good moral values as a basis for young adult life – all the while making it a supportive and enjoyable experience.

Trial the Corps before joining

We offer 4 weeks of ‘free’ taster sessions for your child to sample being a Cadet before deciding to join the Corps. Feel free to call in on the following days for your child to sample the Corps. We are confident your child will not be disappointed!

  • Aged 6Β½ to 8Β½ years – Friday from 18:30 pm
  • Aged 8Β½ to 10 years – Tuesday from 18:30 pm
  • Aged 10 years+ – Tuesday from 20:00 pm

NOTE: we recommend you view our Timetable prior your visit to avoid any off-site or closure days scheduled. See our Contact us page for location and parking information.

Cadet Recruitment

To join as a Cadet, we ask the parent / guardian to complete and submit the Cadet Joining Form. Once received, our Admin Team will be in touch with further instructions to complete our joining process to enlist the new Cadet!

Please note, our highly experienced staff are trained and qualified to the highest standards, and all have been vetted with enhanced DBS checks.