FCCC.UK Platform integration with Google applications

The purpose of this non-public (hidden) page is to provide code and tips for integration with the FCCC.UK Platform.

How to embed an IMAGE publicly shared on the Google Drive for FCCC.UK Administrator

  1. In the Google Drive, navigate to the image to embed, right-click on file and click ‘Get shareable link’
  2. Copy the shareable link into Notepad. All that is needed is the ‘id’ part
  3. In Notepad, copy the below URL and append the ‘id’ part from step 2) to create a merged URL[PASTE THE ‘ID’ PART HERE]


  4. Copy the merged URL and paste it into the address bar of a web browser and hit ‘enter’
  5. The image should appear in the browser. Right-click on the image and ‘Copy image address’
  6. In the WordPress page, click ‘Add Media’ button in Classic Editor
  7. Select ‘Insert from URL’ and paste the image address from step 5)
  8. Click the ‘Insert into page’ button and save the page.