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Age criteria:10 to 13 years old
Meeting occurrence:Tuesday evenings from 18:30 PM to 21:15 PM*
*Please check the Timetable for latest schedule and any location change prior visiting

Once the Cadets reach the age of 11 years old, they move up from Tangiers Company into Jerusalem Company.

With this transition comes further responsibility as the training programme progresses to a more challenging regime from hereon. The Cadets will be working to a set syllabus, and as each section of this is passed, the progress is recorded in their Cadet records. In Jerusalem Company there will be opportunities to earn badges (to sew onto their brassard) indicating that Cadets have attained a certain level and excelled in specific topics (i.e. advanced shooting, first aider, etc.)

All of the Cadets will be taught core subjects, and some will pass and progress faster than others. Outstanding Cadets will eventually be promoted in rank when their Company Commander feels that the time is right.

We hope to introduce a more varied range of activities to the Jerusalem Company in the near future including advanced orienteering, Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and competitive sports.

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