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Age criteria:6ยฝ to 8ยฝ years old
Meeting occurrence:Friday evenings from 18:30 PM to 20:00 PM*
*Please check the Timetable for latest schedule and any location change prior visiting

Burma Company is where the journey through our Cadet Corps system starts, with a heavy emphasis on FUN. Subjects are taught to the Cadets, but as is often the case with youngsters of this age, their attention span can be somewhat limited.

Our wonderfully patient instructors can often be seen running about, rounding the Cadets up as they march off in the wrong direction, move out of a simple line, or as they often do, drift off into play mode!

Tasks such as basic drill, communications etc. are loosely taught and great fun is had by all, especially with some of the answers given by the Burma Company Cadets.

Parents often stay to watch over their children in this group for the first few weeks, which is welcomed, as we understand that they may feel intimidated by a large hall with lots of new faces in it.

We accept cadets into Burma Company from 6ยฝ years of age, and they stay until they are 8ยฝ years old.

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