Staff / Volunteer Recruitment


Technology Officer

Report line: Commandant
Role Category: Administrator, non-ranking office
Role Type:
Remote volunteer typically 1 to 4 hours per week
Role Description:

The F&CCC Management team are in search of a ‘Technology Officer’ to join the team for 2021 and beyond. The exciting role will help lead the F&CCC into the next phase of its modernisation programme, and is suited to a charismatic, creative and progressive thinking individual with excellent organisation skills and self-drive to support a prestigious and well-established organisation.

Qualification / Experience:

We are looking for a person with intermediate to advanced IT skills with minimum qualification at GCSE level (A-C) to A/AS or degree level in a computing course. The position will require the following voluntary contribution to help further F&CCC’s Digital Technology Development Agenda for modernisation of the organisation to improve its efficiencies and objectives:

  • Help nurture and adopt online and cloud technologies to better support F&CCC
  • Devise, formulate, project manage and deliver Agenda KPIs as agreed by Management
  • Interact frequently between the Management team and the platform hosting team
  • Have basic experience with a CMS such as WordPress (or agree to a quick learning plan)
  • Be able to work comfortably with digital media content, as well as media creation, video conference and hosting platforms such as YouTube, Zoom, OBS, HD/4K digital photography, etc. to support audio/video production for F&CCC live events and vlogging

A passionate, open-thinking and sociable person of any age with a rounded understanding of ‘modern tech’, along with a positive and committed outlook to give-back to our organisation whilst enjoying and having some fun along the way, can satisfy this exclusive vacancy.


  • This is not a professional or paid role, and does not necessarily require a highly technical or experienced individual to fulfil the role. School, college or university students can apply
  • Ownership of technical equipment is not mandatory although may be advantageous
  • Voluntary roles are non-binding without contract and monetary reward

Application Instructions:

Please send 1) a short paragraph of why you think you are suitable for the role, and 2) your current CV file attachment, or a brief text listing of your main qualifications and any relevant I.T. experiences, in an email to